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Our licensed and professionally trained photographers are leading experts in real estate media. We focus our service in VIrginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland.

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Select one or a bundle of the best real estate photography and videography solutions in the area!

Real Estate Videography And Photography

A little look into our services.

Real Estate Photography in Virginia –  Fauquier – Loudon – Fairfax – Prince William – Culpeper County – Washington D.C. and Beyond!

Our proprietary PICTURE PERFECT Fusion Photography method combines multiple photos, lightning effects and enhanced processing to create a single image that offers 15 times as much visual range, detail, clarity an color as a single photo! 

We utilize the best technology with non-fisheye lenses for our Aerial Photography.
This services enables us to display the entirety of even the largest of properties in a single photo, and we can even mark the properties’ boundaries so that the buyers know exactly what is included. 

The Ultimate in Immersive Experiences!

Types of Video Tours:

  • Long From Video Tour
    Our full-property walkthrough video tours begin on the exterior of the home, capturing interesting vistas and providing the viewer with an overall feel of the property. We then travel inward, making our way around the home as someone might do when touring the home in-person, while highlighting unique touches and selling points. These videos feature professional voiceover, and can include aerial drone video at the beginning and end.
  • Short-Form Video Tour
    These “teaser” video tours are created for maximum social media impact. Short runtimes with a fast-paced edit and upbeat music. Add this tour to your listing promotion to engage your Facebook and Instagram audiences!
  • Aerial Drone Video Tour
    These exterior-only videos highlight the property, whether it be the exterior of a beautiful home; raw land; and/or to show off amazing views.
  • High Production Video Tour
    These videos are immersive and unique. For example, they can:
    Feature interviews with an architect, realtor, or current property owner; or
    Have the realtor(s) take the viewer on a tour of the property; or
    Use actors to show what it’s like to live in the property; or
    Replicate the vibe of your favorite movie or director; or
    Let’s discuss your idea! The options are limitless!

If you’ve never experienced a Matterport Virtual Tour presentation, prepare to be amazed.

Fully-immersive Matterport virtual tours are as close as possible to touring a home in-person. These tours allow the viewer to move around in a home, travel from room to room, and look in any direction. These tours also create a “dollhouse” model of the home, providing potential buyers with an overview of the floorplan.

Go ahead and take a moment to play with the Matterport presentation below, created by Upward Studio. Notice how the presentation works flawlessly across desktop and mobile devices.

Bring your real estate listings alive with digital virtual staging!

Save money and valuable listing time, while attracting more buyers. Many styles to meet your needs, no hidden charges, and free revisions!
Finished images are delivered within 24 hours. Get started today!


Now introducing the Droneless “Drone” Video!

The D.C., Virginia and Maryland area is flush with FAA No-Fly zones, including the large D.C. No-Fly Zone that extends 17 miles around Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.
It is illegal to fly a drone in this zone, and such flights are at risk of major fines and possible jail sentences.
There are other No-Fly Zones surrounding Dulles International Airport, and Baltimore/Washington International Airport. The FAA has already levied heavy fines on drone operators flying in No-Fly Zones.
Plus… even if a drone is permitted to operate in an area, drone videos are sometimes not adequate to show a listing’s proximity to other important landmarks or areas.

So what’s the solution? The Digital Drone Video!
For a reasonable price, we can generate ultra-high resolution aerial videos without the need for a drone flight.
These are stunning, high-converting videos specifically designed to get your real estate listings sold. Fast!

Floorplans are an important marketing materials needed for successful property listings.

Buyers are less likely to inquire if a property has no floorplan. Potential buyers love to visual how they could live in the property, picturing if it is perfect for them or not.
This leads to higher quality, more informed leads.

We utilize the latest technology to create schematic floorplans for real estate listings. Get started today!

Single Property Web Site
Upward Studio’s proprietary Single Property Web Site presents all of your listing’s information and visual media in one incredible, engaging web page.
The Single Property Web Site is included at no additional charge with all photography shoots.

Not only does Upward Studio’s product set the standard for photography and video, they conduct themselves professionally.
They are always responsive, efficient and client oriented. I will use them again and again.”
Tyler Ross
Principal Broker of Ross Real Estate