FAA Licensed and Insured Aerial Drone Photography

Upward Studio’s Aerial Drone Photography:
a Unique Perspective

We are licensed by the FAA to conduct aerial drone photography. Aerial Photography impress potential buyers by providing them with a unique perspective that is rarely seen. The perspectives achieved through our state of the art unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV or “drone”) truly make listings stand out from the crowd!

There was a time when only the most impressive homes featured aerial photography, however, now that you don’t need to expend the high cost needed to hire a plane or helicopter to take these types of photos, even modest homes can utilize this photography to boost the impressiveness of their listings.

Aerial Photography

We utilize the best technology with non-fisheye lenses for our Aerial Photography. This service enables us to display the entirety of even the largest of properties in a single photo, and we can even mark the properties’ boundaries so that buyers know exactly what is included. Aerial Photography provides unique perspectives on homes. We are able to capture photos from an elevated height to impressively display home’s along with their unique characteristics, like incredible views, a pool, or out-buildings.