Digital Drone Video

Now introducing the Droneless “Drone” Video!

The D.C., Virginia and Maryland area is flush with FAA No-Fly zones, including the large D.C. No-Fly Zone that extends 17 miles around Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. It is illegal to fly a drone in this zone, and such flights are at risk of major fines and possible jail sentences. There are other No-Fly Zones surrounding Dulles International Airport, and Baltimore/Washington International Airport. The FAA has already levied heavy fines on drone operators flying in No-Fly Zones.

Plus… even if a drone is permitted to operate in an area, drone videos are sometimes not adequate to show a listing’s proximity to other important landmarks or areas.

So what’s the solution? The Digital Drone Video!

For a reasonable price, we can generate ultra-high resolution aerial videos without the need for a drone flight. These are stunning, high-converting videos specifically designed to get your real estate listings sold. Fast!

Here’s an example:

*Please note that 3D aerial data is only available in certain areas. Rural locations typically don’t have 3D aerial data available. Also, some locations don’t have 3D data due to security reasons, such as the area immediately surrounding Capitol Hill.

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