Real Estate Video Tours

Upward Studio’s Video Tours: the Ultimate in Immersive Experiences

Upward Studio is the leading expert in real estate videos. We are professionally-trained, with a special eye for cinematography. Our quality is simply unmatched by any other real estate videographer!

Types of Video Tours:

  • Long-Form Video Tour
    • Our full-property walkthrough video tours begin on the exterior of the home, capturing interesting vistas and providing the viewer with an overall feel of the property. We then travel inward, making our way around the home as someone might do when touring the home in-person, while highlighting unique touches and selling points. These videos feature professional voiceover, and can include aerial drone video at the beginning and end.
  • Short-Form Video Tour
    • These “teaser” video tours are created for maximum social media impact. Short runtimes with a fast-paced edit and upbeat music. Add this tour to your listing promotion to engage your Facebook and Instagram audiences!
  • Aerial Drone Video Tour
    • These exterior-only videos highlight the property, whether it be the exterior of a beautiful home; raw land; and/or to show off amazing views.
  • High Production Video Tour
    • These videos are immersive and unique. For example, they can:
      • Feature interviews with an architect, realtor, or current property owner; or
      • Have the realtor(s) take the viewer on a tour of the property; or
      • Use actors to show what it’s like to live in the property; or
      • Replicate the vibe of your favorite movie or director; or
      • Let’s discuss your idea! The options are limitless!


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